Meet The Team

After 16+ years of fantastic experience within the banking world in 2 different countries, I pivoted to the entrepreneurial world in 2012. I joined RAPID, a manufacturing company, as their CFO and eventually became their President. After a remarkable run of growth and learning, we sold the company and new ventures have begun!

This new phase is evolving into a much more diverse and entrepreneurial path. Though, through it all, years of experience and interaction in so many different companies and industries, the key factor in success is finding the right people, at the right time, for the right job (for them and us). This is what ultimately drives and motivates me; creating great teams that create and innovate more than thought possible! And with, not only have we started building a great team, but we have a business that we've all been wanting for many years; and frankly said let's build it! Cheers!

With over 15 years of experience in various technology roles, most of which being software development, I've come to realize how powerful it can be to drive growth and innovation within a company. Through building an infrastructure of automation and key business tools, I helped grow RAPID Manufacturing to a point where we were able to sell it and guide it to it's next phase of growth.

Looking forward to the next challenge, I'm excited about finding new ways to use technology to disrupt industry norms, and I believe DraughtPick will be the next great platform for the ever-growing craft beer industry.

As an attorney for nearly 15 years, I have had the pleasure to help those in my community in various ways. I have built a successful practice based upon certain core principles: hard work, dedication, and exceptional customer service.

Len, Mike, Heather and I are committed to those same principles at is an opportunity to combine our love of beer and community. In such an exciting time for craft beer lovers, our mission is to provide a comprehensive but comfortable platform for our craft beer community.

Enjoy the experience!

My 10+ years experience runs the gamut from graphic design, marketing, branding, user experience design, design research, and front-end development. I’ve seen first hand how a user’s emotional connection to a product or service can be fostered and grown through digital experience. The key to success is listening to and observing people using our products, and using these insights to create delightful digital interactions, and this is what I am so passionate about doing.

Craft brew fans, like myself, have been waiting for a platform where we can discover the latest and greatest beers near us, and I am excited to be part of DraughtPick where we are achieving that goal.